Basic Field Operations

Understanding Checkpoint Icons

June 6, 2023|

When working through a route on the mobile app, there are 4 different icons that will appear next to the checkpoints on the list. The following explains what each icon means: Solid Grey Circle = Not visited Grey P = Checkpoint visited and partially completed, but something is still due Red X = Checkpoint visited, all tasks [...]

Image Capture

March 14, 2023|

InspectNTrack allows pictures to be taken during a tour. Any pictures taken are visible on the History and Tour Reports. In order to access image capture the mobile device must be on the Location, or Equipment Details screen. Follow this process to capture an image: 1. Navigate to the Location or Equipment Details screen. Note that the [...]

Using a Device’s Camera as a Barcode Scanner

March 14, 2023|

When inspections are being performed on a mobile device other than one which utilizes a certified barcode scanner, the device's camera can be used in place of a laser barcode scanner. After tapping into a zone, a barcode icon is visible at the top and bottom of each screen. To open the camera barcode scanner simply tap on the [...]

Understanding Filters

March 14, 2023|

  Throughout the InspectNTrack mobile app there are filters available at the top of each screen. Filters are used to change the data that is shown to the user. Basic Filter The Customer, Division, Route, and Zone screens contain a basic filter that filters based upon checkpoint status. Filter options include the following: Filter Off: [...]

How to Record a Manual Checkpoint Visit

March 7, 2023|

If you are unable to scan barcodes in the field you can still complete tasks by performing a manual visit. Note that the ability to perform manual visits is permission based - if you do not have permissions you should contact your administrator. When you simply tap on a checkpoint you are able to preview the checkpoint [...]

Mobile App Error Messages

October 18, 2022|

There may be times when you receive and error message when using the mobile app.  These message are to advise you that something went wrong with what you were doing. Below is a list of error messages you will see and what they mean: The above message is advising you that you have entered your user name [...]

Moveable Equipment Location Lookup

October 18, 2022|

If you encounter a fire extinguisher or other moveable equipment with an unknown location you can use the equipment lookup feature to display the equipment's current systematic location. From any screen, open the menu in the top, right corner of the screen and select Settings.   On the Settings screen, click on Moveable Equipment Lookup. The camera [...]

View, Edit, Or Close a Discrepancy

October 18, 2022|

When a checkpoint has an open discrepancy it is visible on the Location Details or Equipment Details screen. Discrepancies are only visible when they are open, closed discrepancies cannot be viewed on the mobile device. When open discrepancies are present they are displayed right below tasks on the Equipment Details screen and right below questions on the Location Details screen. The dashboard display shows the [...]

Create a New Manual Discrepancy

October 18, 2022|

InspectNTrack is often setup to create discrepancies automatically when an inspection fails. Discrepancies can also be created manually as needed. Discrepancies can only be manually created on the Location Details or Equipment Details screen. The new discrepancy will be associated to the location or equipment that was being viewed at the time the discrepancy was created. To create a discrepancy complete [...]

Edit Last Done Date

October 18, 2022|

  If you have permissions you may edit the last done date of any inspection from the mobile device. First, navigate to the Equipment Details screen of a fixed or moveable equipment. You will see a list of the tasks associated with the equipment. Tap the "i" icon on the right side of the task you wish to edit [...]