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Throughout the InspectNTrack mobile app there are filters available at the top of each screen. Filters are used to change the data that is shown to the user.

Basic Filter

The Customer, Division, Route, and Zone screens contain a basic filter that filters based upon checkpoint status. Filter options include the following:

Filter Off: This displays the data defined in the user’s mobile assignment.

Completed: This displays checkpoints in which all tasks have been completed.

Visited: This displays checkpoints that have been visited but still have due tasks.

Not Visited: This displays checkpoints that have not been visited.

The filter is located in the upper right corner of each of these screens. The default value is filter off.

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To change the filter, tap on the filter and scroll through the options to select the desired choice, then click OK.

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Advanced Filter

A more advanced filter is available on the Location screen. Filter categories include building, status, tasks, discrepancies, equipment type, and floor. This filter is accessed in the upper, right corner of the Location screen.

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