Access & Syncing

How to Sync the Mobile App

February 20, 2024|

The InspectNTrack mobile app is a "disconnected app". This means that it does not have a live connection to your InspectNTrack database. The mobile app and main database transfer data back and forth through a synchronization process. At a minimum, it is very important to sync the mobile app at the beginning and end of each shift. [...]


March 14, 2023|

  There are two ways to logout of the InspectNTrack app. From within the app, click on the menu and then select settings.   On the settings menu click Logout.     There is also a logout option on the home screen. To access it, on the Settings screen select Home.   On the Home [...]

Sync Forward to Future Due Date

March 14, 2023|

  The feature Sync Due as of allows the user to push the users assignment sync as of date to a longer duration.  By default when you create a users assignment and you select Due and Overdue, the assignment will send anything that is due or overdue as of today. The Sync due as of [...]

Sync a Shared Assignment

March 14, 2023|

  Shared assignments allow administrators to create assignments one time that can be used by multiple people. Shared assignments are selected on the mobile device. Note that Wi-Fi is required to add a shared assignment to a device. Ensure that the device is connected prior to starting this process. Also note that the shared assignment [...]

Discard Data from Device

March 14, 2023|

  Occasionally a user does not want to sync the data on the mobile device to InspectNTrack and instead chooses to clear the data from the device prior to sync. This is commonly used for user training and to remove erroneous data from the app. The Discard Changes function will delete all the data from [...]

Download the InspectNTrack Mobile App

March 14, 2023|

The InspectNTrack mobile app is compatible with mobile devices running Android, iOS, or Windows 10. The app can be downloaded from the device's public app store, or use the links below. Look for the following InspectNTrack Icon:          

How to Login to the Mobile App

March 7, 2023|

The first time you login to the InspectNTrack mobile app after it has been installed you must enter your Site Name. DO NOT EDIT THE SERVER ADDRESS OR ADMIN ENDPOINT UNLESS WENTWORTH SUPPORT HAS INSTRUCTED YOU TO DO SO. After entering the Site Name click Enter Site. Next you will determine your sign-in method. There are two [...]

Sync Over Ethernet / Without Wi-Fi

February 7, 2023|

It is possible to synchronize Zebra devices without a Wi-Fi connection. This is done using a direct ethernet connection. In order to sync over ethernet, you must have a Zebra device and an ethernet cradle. If you have a cradle without an ethernet port, please contact sales to see if you can purchase an ethernet adaptor for [...]

Avoiding and Managing Sync Errors

October 18, 2022|

In order to have a successful Sync and avoid Sync errors, please ensure the following steps are taken during the sync process: Make sure your device has a strong wi-fi or LAN signal prior to syncing - you should have at least 2 bars of signal for a successful sync. Stay in the same location that has the strong signal [...]