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In order to have a successful Sync and avoid Sync errors, please ensure the following steps are taken during the sync process:

  1. Make sure your device has a strong wi-fi or LAN signal prior to syncing – you should have at least 2 bars of signal for a successful sync.
  2. Stay in the same location that has the strong signal for the duration of the syncing session- please do not move or walk around with the device in hand while syncing.
  3. From the sync settings and login screens, confirm your case-sensitive password. Capitalization or non-capitalization on your site name and user login must remain the same from both login and sync screens.


If you have a sync error,  you must have an email address associated with your device in order to send sync error information to the support team for assistance.  With this information, they will be able to process the collected data from the device.

If your device does not have an email account setup you will not be able to send the unprocessed sync to Wentworth support. The information will be lost and and unrecoverable.



In order to associate an email address, use the device’s email program to login to an email account

iOS setup instructions:

Android setup instructions:

Windows 10 setup instructions: