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The InspectNTrack mobile app is a “disconnected app”. This means that it does not have a live connection to your InspectNTrack database. The mobile app and main database transfer data back and forth through a synchronization process.

At a minimum, it is very important to sync the mobile app at the beginning and end of each shift. It is acceptable to sync more often to keep the data up-to-date. You must have a strong wifi or data connection to sync the app. It is important to keep the mobile device in one place during synchronization so that the connection is not lost. This will result in a time-out and put the data into recovery mode.


To sync upon login, press the sync button on the Home Screen that is displayed after login.

Welcome Page on InspectNTrack's software - visual directions for syncing




To sync at any other point, open the menu from any screen in the app and select the bottom option: Quick Sync.

Sync2 - visual directions for finding the sync option in InspectNTrack fire safety software