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The first time you login to the InspectNTrack mobile app after it has been installed you must enter your Site Name. DO NOT EDIT THE SERVER ADDRESS OR ADMIN ENDPOINT UNLESS WENTWORTH SUPPORT HAS INSTRUCTED YOU TO DO SO. After entering the Site Name click Enter Site.

Login Screen

Next you will determine your sign-in method. There are two options: work or school account or InspectNTrack account. The work or school account option utilizes Microsoft single sign-on with your reusable company Microsoft credentials. The InspectNTrack account option utilizes a username and password that are setup by the system admin within the InspectNTrack software.

If your system is setup for single sign-on to use your company Microsoft credentials, click the button that says Work or school account. Then press the button that says Sign In with Microsoft.

SSO Login

If you are accessing the system with a user ID and password that are setup within InspectNTrack, click the button that says InspectNTrack Account. Enter your User ID and Password, then press Login.

InT Login

For all future logins after the initial time, the Site Name will be filled and locked. Credentials will be the only needed information.

Future Logins