Mobile Inspection

How to Inspect and Maintain an AED

January 17, 2023|Mobile Inspection|

An AED is an invaluable tool to have during a cardiac arrest event, but AEDs can only save lives if they work properly in the moment they are needed. InspectNTrack efficiently manages AED inspection programs.

5 Reasons Why Inspection Software is Better Than Excel Spreadsheets

May 17, 2022|Mobile Inspection|

Do Excel Spreadsheets Work For Tracking Fire and Life Safety Inspections? The age-old practice of using Excel spreadsheets to manage fire and life safety equipment inspections cannot compete with the efficiency of inspection software such as InspectNTrack. If your organization is still using spreadsheets to manage and report on your equipment inspections, read ahead [...]

4 Handheld Scanner Features Ideal for Quick and Efficient Safety Inspections

November 8, 2021|Mobile Inspection|

One of the more important ways companies maintain their safety protocols is through safety inspections. Inspections are essential for ensuring fire extinguishers, emergency lights, and employee protection protocols are all operating the way they should. And one of the easiest ways to manage inspections is with inspection software that tracks your company's safety assets. Instead of manually [...]