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5 Advantages of NFPA Inspection Software

December 12, 2023|Mobile Inspection, Software|

Why Replace Paper Inspections With NFPA Inspection Software? NFPA inspection software is revolutionizing the way businesses handle inspections and documentation. Going paperless with NFPA inspection software offers several key advantages for organizations that manage safety assets. In this blog post, we will explore five significant benefits of using NFPA inspection software to eliminate the [...]

Navigating The Software Conversion Process

September 17, 2023|Mobile Inspection|

Oftentimes safety professionals find themselves stuck with software that is intended to facilitate inspection and maintenance management on safety assets, but find it has drawbacks and is not an ideal solution. Sometimes the issue is with surprise billing and escalating expenses due to pay-per-scan or pay per customer setup pricing models. Other times the software package [...]

5 Benefits of AED Inspection Software

July 31, 2023|Mobile Inspection|

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are life-saving devices designed to provide immediate medical assistance during cardiac emergencies. Use of an AED within the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest event can bring the survival rate to as high as 74%. The effectiveness of AEDs make them invaluable tools for protecting employee and public safety.  Regular maintenance [...]

5 Reasons Why Inspection Software is Better Than Excel Spreadsheets

May 17, 2022|Mobile Inspection, Software|

Do Excel Spreadsheets Work For Tracking Fire and Life Safety Inspections? The traditional practice of using Excel spreadsheets to manage fire and life safety equipment inspections cannot compete with the efficiency of inspection software such as InspectNTrack. If your organization is still using excel spreadsheets to manage and report on your equipment inspections, read [...]

4 Handheld Scanner Features Ideal for Quick and Efficient Safety Inspections

November 8, 2021|Mobile Inspection|

One of the more important ways companies maintain their safety protocols is through automated safety inspections with handheld scanners. Inspections are essential for ensuring fire extinguishers, emergency lights, and employee protection protocols are all operating the way they should. And one of the easiest ways to manage inspections is with inspection software that tracks your company's safety [...]