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Do Excel Spreadsheets Work For Tracking Fire and Life Safety Inspections?

The traditional practice of using Excel spreadsheets to manage fire and life safety equipment inspections cannot compete with the efficiency of inspection software such as InspectNTrack. If your organization is still using excel spreadsheets to manage and report on your equipment inspections, read ahead to learn 5 reasons why inspection software is a more efficient and cost effective choice for your business.

1. InspectNTrack Manages Inspection Scheduling

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent inspection schedule? With InspectNTrack, you no longer have to worry about scheduling issues. The inspection software takes care of managing inspection schedules on your behalf, providing timely notifications about when equipment is due for inspection. There’s no wondering whether an inspection is overdue, no forgetting to check your spreadsheet to determine when the last inspection was performed. InspectNTrack offers a seamless solution by alerting you well in advance as inspections approach, ensuring that no inspection is ever overlooked or delayed. This proactive approach not only simplifies your workflow but also enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of your inspection processes. 

2. InspectNTrack Eliminates Data Entry

InspectNTrack eliminates the tiresome data entry inherent to using Excel spreadsheets to track safety equipment inspections. With InspectNTrack, inspections are performed on a mobile device and saved to the software database with absolutely no data entry. This allows you to spend your valuable time elsewhere, and provides peace of mind knowing information has been recorded correctly.

3. InspectNTrack Offers Superior Reporting

The quality and ease of reporting when using InspectNTrack is incomparable to that of a spreadsheet. InspectNTrack offers the ability to insert photos taken using the mobile app into reports, it allows technicians to note deficiencies on the spot and send detailed notifications, and InspectNTrack provides on-demand reporting that satisfies AHJ.

inspection software image showing EHS mobile barscan of an eyewash station

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4. InspectNTrack Includes Necessary Forms and Processes to Ensure Compliance

InspectNTrack inspection software includes inspection forms and predefined processes intended to keep you compliant with NFPA, OSHA, ANSI, AFSA, and other AHJ. It takes the guesswork out of which forms are required for your specific needs so compliance never becomes an issue.

By incorporating these standards into its framework, InspectNTrack inspection software not only simplifies the compliance process but also provides a proactive and foolproof approach, thereby mitigating the risk of compliance issues and promoting a culture of safety and adherence to industry regulations within your organization.

5. InspectNTrack Increases Efficiency and Reduces Human Error

The InspectNTrack mobile device scans a barcode ensuring the right inspection is recorded to the right equipment. This proves a technician was physically present for the inspection and requires the technician to answer compliance questions. Doing this on InspectNTrack’s inspection software app is faster than writing down results and manually transferring them to a spreadsheet, and reduces the probability that mistakes will be made in the process. Additionally, Excel spreadsheets offer no way to prepare a concise report, cannot prove that a technician performed an inspection properly, and cannot safeguard against human error in inspecting or reporting. 

So ditch the spreadsheet and move to a system that will make the process of performing and reporting on safety equipment inspections faster and more efficient, protect your organization from costly mistakes, offer superior reporting options, and ensure you always have the information and forms needed to show your compliance. Contact our team to learn how InspectNTrack can do that for you.

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