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Municipal Risk Management Inspection Software

June 21, 2023|Software|

Similar to other industries that utilize InspectNTrack for inspections, municipal risk management inspectors play a key role in keeping city owned buildings safe and equipped with working and maintained fire protection equipment.  This can include city hall, fire departments, police departments, correctional facilities, recreation centers, museums, parks, and any other municipal owned property.  InspectNTrack offers municipal [...]

How Technology Keeps Warehouses Safe and OSHA Audit Ready

March 28, 2023|Software|

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has specific regulations for warehouses to ensure the safety and health of workers. Here are some of the key OSHA regulations for warehouses: Hazard Communication: Employers must have a written hazard communication program to inform employees about hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Material Handling: Employers must ensure that material handling [...]