Fire Equipment Inspection

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4 Ways Hospitals Can Prepare for a Fire Emergency

May 17, 2024|Fire Equipment Inspection|

Fires pose a serious threat to hospitals. These 4 tips can help hospitals safeguard lives, property, and equipment through preparation for a fire emergency. How do Hospitals Prepare for a Fire Emergency? In the case of hospitals, preparing for a fire emergency is a vital step towards safety on their premises.  The potential [...]

Comprehensive Fire Safety Equipment List: Protecting Lives and Property

July 10, 2023|Fire Equipment Inspection|

Comprehensive Fire Safety Equipment List: Protecting Employees and Property Fire safety equipment plays a vital role in safeguarding lives and protecting property in the event of a fire. A comprehensive array of fire safety equipment ensures early detection, effective suppression, and efficient evacuation. This article provides a detailed list of essential fire safety equipment [...]

SCBA Inspection and Maintenance Automation

February 13, 2023|Fire Equipment Inspection|

SCBA Inspection and Maintenance Programs If you are charged with managing SCBA inspections and keeping the equipment in compliance with NFPA standards you might be looking for an efficient program to follow. Because SCBAs are so vital to life or death during a fire, it is important to be accurate when developing an SCBA [...]

How To Prepare For Your Next Fire Safety Inspection

July 29, 2022|Fire Equipment Inspection|

How Prepared Is Your Organization For Your Next Fire Safety Inspection? Organizations unprepared for annual and unannounced inspections not only put their operations at risk, but also jeopardize the safety of their building’s occupants. Rather than approach inspections with trepidation, there are a number of things you can do to ensure visits from the [...]

How To Stay Compliant With NFPA 10

May 5, 2022|Fire Equipment Inspection|

What is NFPA? The National Fire Protection Association is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating death, injury, and loss related to fire and electrical hazards. Established in 1896, the NFPA promotes research, training, education, and outreach, and is known for more than 300 codes and safety standards published in an effort to accomplish [...]

Fire Inspection Software

July 12, 2021|Fire Equipment Inspection|

The Highest Performing Software That Covers All Fire Inspection Needs InspectNTrack’s fire inspection software makes it easy for warehouses and offices to comply with NFPA regulations for fire inspections. The easy barcode scanning software turns a difficult task into a simple process. Want to learn more about the InspectNTrack inspection [...]

Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection

July 12, 2021|Fire Equipment Inspection|

InspectNTrack’s Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection InspectNTrack is the industry leader in fire extinguisher barcode inspection. With top-notch asset grouping and automatically assigned inspection tasks, barcode inspection can be customized to fit the needs of each user. Fire extinguisher barcode inspection means that with the use of a barcode scanner, fire extinguishers can be inspected [...]

Find Safe And Reliable Fire Door Inspection

July 9, 2021|Fire Equipment Inspection|

Why Fire Door Inspections Matter Picture this: you're working in your cubicle, and you smell smoke. You realize that fire is imminent, so you pack your belongings in a mad dash. You understand the fire protocol, and walk towards the fire exit. Unfortunately, the manager decided to stack all of the new inventory in [...]