A college campus has a lot of elements to control and keep track of. With hundreds to thousands of students living on various campuses, safety is often a priority throughout the school year. One safety element you should consider is fire safety. With dorm buildings and packed classrooms, fire safety is important if an emergency occurs.

Through software and training, there are many ways to increase fire safety and perform inspections on a regular basis. Check out some of the ways to improve fire safety measures and prevent major issues on your campus.

1. App Connections

With a large campus, clipboards and log sheets are often not enough to track fire safety measures. One of the more modern ways to complete fire safety inspections is through app-based technology. Campus safety leaders can document requirements and protocol through an app, submit inspection information, and stay up to date on the latest fire safety equipment.

App technology will inform users when specific areas are due for inspection. Trackers will keep the info up to date and ensure employees are properly completing tasks. By using the app, the whole operation can run efficiently. App compatibility allows a campus to use technology on smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

2. Routes

Apps technology also gives campuses the opportunity to track fire inspections through routes. A route represents a campus and details each of the divisions, buildings, and zones. Equipment which needs to be inspected can be placed into the proper buildings and zones so that it is easy for student inspectors to find. Routes also easier to ensure that equipment is not missed and that no part of an inspection goes missing.

For example, if you have two safety inspectors to cover a whole campus, then routes can indicate which areas were already covered. Workers will save their time from performing repetitive tasks and a college will avoid any missed areas.

3. Full Fire Equipment Coverage

One way to ensure proper fire safety is to ensure all of the campus equipment is covered. Through app technology, a college campus can use barcode stickers on all of the fire equipment. With individual barcodes, each piece of equipment is individually scanned and tracked through the years.

With the barcodes, a campus can have safety inspections for all types of fire equipment including extinguishers, fire doors, sprinklers, and hoses. Full coverage will ensure that none of the fire safety elements is ignored in case a real problem occurs. The barcode tracking can also indicate how long equipment has been in place and when maintenance is needed.

An app helps ensure that proper inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) protocols are met.

4. Deficiency Reports

Along with safety inspections, proper tracking of fire equipment also includes deficiency reports. When campus employees use inspection apps to track fire safety equipment, they also have the option to report deficiencies. For example, a fire extinguisher could have visible damage or go missing.

The deficiency reports will help campuses properly replace equipment and ensure fire safety remains at the highest levels. Deficiency reports can also help keep track of trends and indicate if problems are recurring. From there, a campus safety team can decide if they need to improve fire safety procedures and locations of equipment.

For more information on fire safety inspection apps, contact us at InspectNTrack. We will help you set up a complete inspection system for your college campus, no matter how big or small the campus is. Along with fire safety, we can help with other inspection needs for college campuses, including lab inspections and environmental health and safety inspections.