Implement Inspections in High Security Facilities

Implementing mobile software solutions in high security facilities can present numerous challenges that often seem insurmountable. Common roadblocks include the inability to connect mobile devices to Wi-Fi networks, the inability to utilize mobile devices with cameras, requirements for locked-down, single purpose devices, and the prerequisite that mobile devices be certified for use within the company organization.

InspectNTrack offers solutions to overcome these common concerns with innovative mobile hardware options. Our relationship with Zebra Technologies, one of the world’s leading mobile computer manufacturers, allows us to offer highly customized hardware to our customers with advanced security features including:

  • No Wi-Fi

  • No Bluetooth

  • No Cameras

  • No USB

  • SD card encryption

  • Application whitelisting / blacklisting

Easily sync an InspectNTrack mobile device without Wi-Fi

Quick, Secure Inspections

Additionally, our mobile devices can be configured into Kiosk Mode so that InspectNTrack is the only accessible application to users.

Zebra brand devices offer readily available documentation to speed the internal acceptance process, and often large companies find that Zebra devices have already been approved for use.

For organizations that do not want to be tasked with managing device security and software updates internally we offer a mobile device management program that enables us to offer full-service access to security configurations, automated InspectNTrack update deliveries, and device analytics.

Through these ways, InspectNTrack is able to support high security facilities and offer quick, secure inspections.