What Does Asset Inspection Management Software Do?

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InspectNTrack is the barcode asset inspection management software that ensures you’ll never miss another inspection. Our fire and life safety app is a barcode driven, cloud-based, inspection management software designed to schedule, track, and document inspections. The software works to perform maintenance activities and audits on any type of asset. It is the ideal solution for compliance-based inspections regulated by any authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). No matter what type of inspection you do, InspectNTrack will make a difference in helping you track and manage your inspections. Plus, we offer hardware solutions to pair with our software, including mobile computers, handheld scanners, and more. When you go with InspectNTrack, you’ll have all you need in a centrally located spot. 

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Why Use InspectNTrack?

Regulatory agencies, insurance carriers, and internal company procedures require companies to perform mandatory inspections that ensure safety and security. 

InspectNTrack assists in providing:

  • Compliance with regulatory mandates 
  • Fast field data entry 
  • Increased data integrity
  • Greater accuracy and improved efficiency 
  • Mitigation of risk and liability 
  • Promotion of the lean processes 
  • Proactive management of inspections and findings 
  • Procedure Standardization 
  • Easy access to your data 

Asset inspections include: 

  • Fire alarms
  • Sprinklers
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Safety showers
  • Eyewash stations
  • Emergency lights
  • Exit signs
  • Fire doors
  • HVAC/Boilers
  • Property Condition
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Housekeeping
  • Pest Management
  • … and more!

Eliminate Manual Processes With Mobile Device

Using InspectNTrack’s system is a great way to avoid relying on manual data entry. The software prompts the user with pass/fail tasks, or a question set. The questions are related to the checkpoint type being inspected. If there’s an incident or abnormality, the system will record the problem and help you get back on track to having routine inspections. This asset inspection management software is a great way to manage workload and eliminate outdated processes, and use innovative hardware products every step of the way. 

Review, Analyze and Track Data with Reports

Using InspectNTrack’s robust reporting system, your history reports will display completed work.  From the app, it will also trigger missed inspections and when the inspection was last performed. 

Reports also show what the user last visited and documented during their inspection tour. This includes incidents. The software also creates discrepancy records, which can be used to track if and when problems are corrected. InspectNTrack has a module to these reports, making it easy for the user to access this data.

inspection app image showing EHS mobile barscan of an eyewash station

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What Do You Need To Use InspectNTrack?

InspectNTrack gathers data in batch mode and syncs it after completion of the inspection route. InspectNTrack offers a variety of devices certified for use with the software, including Android mobile devices, Zebra scanning devices, and iOS devices, at competitive pricing. You can visit our hardware page to find additional information on the hardware we sell.  

InspectNTrack also offers optional barcode labels. Barcodes allow you to quickly audit records and scan quickly during your inspection routes. The software tracks whether a checkpoint is scanned or manually visited, making the record an audit ready solution. Our barcoded inspection app also allows for flexible barcode inputs and accepts 1D, 2D, QR, manufacturer’s barcodes, existing barcodes, or brand-new ones. You can easily swap out degraded barcodes in the field.  

To schedule a demo or to learn more how our dynamic barcoded inspection app can simplify your inspection process, please contact us at sales@wentinc.com, fill out the contact form, or call 1-800-259-6812. 

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