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For most small businesses and colleges, investing in an automated inspection software is a big decision. The upfront costs might be a deterrent, or simply the idea of changing an old system to a new one. Manual safety inspections can be done by hand using pen and paper or using a tool like Excel to keep track of records. While the manual inspection process seems like a money-saver, when you consider the time and resources required to complete manual inspections, there’s a different story to be told.

It is important to note how the price of an automated inspection software from InspectNTrack ends up saving companies money. Manual inspections are often not as accurate and efficient as they seem, versus automated inspection software which can streamline the inspection process. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of switching to automated inspection software, and how this system will help you save in the long-run.

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#1: Save Time

One of the primary benefits to investing in automated inspection software is that it saves companies time. InspectNTrack makes inspections more efficient, highlighting where assets are in a building and creating the most efficient routes based on that map. This method also ensures that nothing is missed or double scanned, so that an error does not need to be corrected in the future.

InspectNTrack also simplifies filing reports. At the end of each inspection, a report is created detailing what was done and what needs to be done. These results need to be filed in a way that certain results can be accessed in the case of an OSHA audit. Manually keeping track of all these papers not only takes up space, but it’s time consuming and susceptible to error. InspectNTrack helps eliminate time wasted in these areas that can be used for other important day to day tasks. So not only are you freeing up employee time for other work, but InspectNTrack also alleviates the stress of maintaining accurate and organized inspection records.

#2: Avoid Fines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for ensuring the safety of employees and customers at all US businesses. They enforce the inspection code for fire safety and inspections that keep individuals safe. One of the ways that OSHA enforces these codes is through the use of audits, which means the administration has the right to ask for documentation regarding inspections. Without the use of a record filing system such as InspectNTrack, it can be difficult to produce these documents and can lead to fines and penalties from the OSHA.

One of InspectNTrack’s recent customers joined because they were unable to produce records of eye-wash station inspections. The company noted that the inspections did take place, but since they could not provide the inspection papers, they were heavily fined. This problem would have been avoided through the use of InspectNTrack’s automated inspection software, which meticulously keeps records organized and available.

#3: Alleviate Stress

One of the most overlooked benefits of InspectNTrack is the security that it provides users. Managers can be confident that they are protected from both dangerous accidents and costly fines. Fire safety is a stressful and important job, especially if managers are responsible for hundreds of employees. InspectNTrack cannot prevent all emergencies from happening, but it does give employees the confidence to know that safety equipment will be ready for use in the case that it is needed. This type of reassurance is hard to put a price on, and is yet another reason why companies and universities continue to switch to InspectNTrack.

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