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Shared Assignments are used as an option to a user’s assignments. The benefit of a Shared Assignment is you set the assignment up one time and then select that assignment from the device to download the pre-defined routes, tasks and equipment. This differs from and individual assignment where you would constantly edit the individual assignment.

Example, if you have routes or tours that you repeat periodically like sprinkler valve inspections that are divided into separate tours, set each of the zones or tours up in shared assignments and just select that assignment from the device before you sync.

  • Shared Assignments have value when you have groups of routes that you manage over and over; setting up a shared assignment eliminates the continued changes of user’s assignment.
  • NOTE: Keep in mind that multiple devices in the field do not communicate between the units; this is only done when the data is uploaded back to the database. With Shared Assignments it is critical that each User knows what they are responsible for completing.