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InspectNTrack user credentialing can be managed by Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Generally the initial setup will be performed by the person who manages your Azure account. Please follow the setup steps:


Step 1

Contact your InspectNTrack account manager or support representative to request that Azure be enabled for your account. You will need to provide your name and site name.


Step 2

If not already present, every user record within InspectNTrack must have the user’s Microsoft email address added to it. If needed, refer to user setup instructions for help adding email addresses.


Step 3

Once the first two steps are complete and Wentworth has confirmed that SSO was enabled, proceed with the Azure setup.

First, login to Azure and click on Azure Active Directory.

Navigating to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)


Next, use the left menu bar to navigate to Enterprise Applications and then click + Add at the top of the Enterprise Applications screen.

Navigating to Enterprise Applications within Microsoft Azure


On the Add Application screen search for InspectNTrack and add the application.

Browsing the Azure AD Gallery


On the Add Application screen, click the button that says Sign Up for InspectNTrack. This will take you to the InspectNTrack software login screen. Enter the account site name first. This will produce a login screen with two login options. Be sure that Work Account is select and click WORK ACCOUNT LOGIN. If you do not have a work account login option SSO has not been enabled, please contact support.

Visual directions - clicking 'work account' to lock into InspectNTrack software

After the login Microsoft will display a permissions request. Check the box to Consent on behalf of your organization and accept the permissions request. Setup is now complete and SSO is enabled for all members of the Active Directory. The InspectNTrack app will display in the list of active enterprise apps.

Permissions - Setting up Microsoft Azure AD - single sign on