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InspectNTrack user credentialing can be managed by Ping Federate Identity Provider. Generally the initial setup will be performed by the person who manages your Ping account. Please follow the setup steps:


Step 1

Contact your InspectNTrack account manager or support representative to request that Ping SSO be enabled for your account. You will need to provide your name and site name.


Step 2

If not already present, every user record within InspectNTrack must have the user’s company email address added to it. If needed, refer to user setup instructions for help adding email addresses.


Step 3

Once the first two steps are complete and Wentworth has confirmed that SSO was enabled, proceed with the Ping setup as follows:

  1. Login to the Ping Identity Console
  2. Navigate to Connections –> Applications.
  3. Select Add Application.
  4. Enter InspectNTrack into the Application Name field.
  5. Select OIDC Web App and then save.
  6. Select Resource Access and add the email and profile scopes.
  7. In the Configuration tab, select General.
  8. Copy the Client ID and Environment ID to a safe place. These will need to be provided to InspectNTrack Support.
  9. In the Configuration tab, select the pencil icon.
  10. In the Response Type, check Code.
  11. In the Grant Type, check Authorization Code and set the PKCE Enforcement to Required.
  12. In the Redirect URIs field, enter <> for the web app. This value may vary based on the server hosting your company’s instance. Use value provided by InspectNTrack support.
  13. For Mobile app add to Redirect URIs <int-oidc://authenticated>
  14. Set the Token Auth Method to None (defaults to basic).
  15. Set the Signoff URLs to <int-oidc://signout-callback-oidc>


Step 4

Provide the Client ID and Environment ID to InspectNTrack Support to complete the setup.