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Fire hoses, like any other safety asset, require inspections. These inspections occur at different intervals than other assets, like fire extinguishers, which makes it difficult to manually track. That’s why automated inspection software like InspectNTrack makes fire hose inspection simple and fast. 

With InspectNTrack, it is easy to add as many assets as needed in order to ensure that all fire hoses are inspected. Let’s take a look at why so many institutions trust InspectNTrack for their fire hose inspection.

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Compliance With Authority And Regulations

The National Fire Protection Association states that fire hoses manufactured during July 1987, or after that date, to the 1987 or subsequent editions of NFPA 1961, shall be service tested as specified in Section 4.8. Attack fire hose should be service tested to a minimum of 300 psi (20.7 bar or 2070 kPa), or a pressure not to exceed the service test pressure marked on the hose. Learn more about this guide at 

Sound confusing? That’s because fire hose inspection can get wordy and technical for inspection technicians, which is why InspectNTrack allows users to create custom question sets. This ensures that fire hose inspection questions are simple and clear, and gather the right information. With InspectNTrack, complicated fire hose inspection is more simple and accurate. Fire hoses are not easy to inspect, which is why the InspectNTrack interface ensures that all parts of the fire hose are inspected and the technicians can properly follow the question guide.

Keep Track Of Your Fire Hose Inspection

In regard to fire hose inspections, NFPA compliance is constantly changing. As unsafe conditions are discovered or new technology is created, the questions required for inspections change. 

For example, it was discovered by experts that discharge to atmosphere relief valves are virtually unheard of in modern fire apparatus discharge plumbing. All modern fire apparatus have efficient pressure control systems, as per NFPA 1901. Proper operation of apparatus when pumping supply hose precludes this requirement. Virtually all LDH hose appliances include intake relief valves that adequately address this pressure issue. 

In the case of changing discharge atmosphere relief valves, the question prompts can be quickly changed to ask questions that gather the correct information. Without customizable question sets, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing NFPA codes, which can have negative impacts on companies and their inspection processes. Using customizable questions ensures that the risk of fines or improperly inspected assets is mitigated. These questions can be changed by going to the questions tab and inputting whatever information needs to be added or omitted.

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Save And Organize Data

In addition to being able to change the inspection questions for fire hoses, InspectNTrack allows users to save all inspection reports. This allows for administrators to look at past inspections and determine when changes occurred, as well as how fire hoses have been inspected in the past. 

Collecting inspection reports from past inspections also protects companies and universities from having potential fines. These fines are costly, and are the result of either inspections not being performed properly or the inability to produce documentation that inspections actually occurred. These mistakes are avoided when using InspectNTrack, because you can quickly pull a past report without rummaging through a file cabinet or Excel document to find the right information. 

Choose InspectNTrack For Fire Hose Inspection

InspectNTrack is an industry leader when it comes to fire hose inspection. With tools that allow users to change inspection questions and save inspection reports, worrying about fire hose inspection becomes an issue of the past. Users can be confident that fire hose inspections are performed correctly, and that administrators and technicians are on the same page at all times.

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