What Is A Sprinkler Inspection Program?

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Sprinklers, like any other asset  located in businesses and schools, require an inspection program in order to create the safest environment possible. There are many ways to set up a sprinkler inspection program, and variation in regards to inspection is applicable as long as the core regulations set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are met. 

NFPA 25 dictates this fire sprinkler testing schedule: “Quarterly: In order to be as effective as possible, fire sprinkler mechanical devices should be tested quarterly. Semiannually: Every six months, vane and pressure switch type devices must be tested. Annually: Full testing and tagging should be performed annually.” 

These conditions set forth by the NFPA ensure that sprinklers can be as effective as possible and perform their job correctly in case of emergency. InspectNTrack helps differentiate between the types of inspection, and remind users when each kind of inspection is due. In addition to inspection reminders, InspectNTrack provides a handful of features that simplify sprinkler inspection programs.

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Customizable Question Sets

When it comes to quarterly, semiannual, and annual inspections, the information gathered gets increasingly more rigorous as the inspection becomes less frequent. The questions asked vary each time, which can make it difficult to have question sets that accurately assess the proper information. 

InspectNTrack allows for users to use both pre-made question sets as well as custom questions made by the users themselves.  Pre-made question sets ensure that the quality of questions is up to the standard of associations like the NFPA. Custom question sets allow for questions to obtain information unique to each asset’s circumstance, and ask different questions depending on the asset and type of inspection being performed. The customizability gives users flexibility when it comes to how inspections are performed, which creates a sprinkler inspection program that works for you.

What Needs To Be Inspected On A Sprinkler?

Each sprinkler system is going to have different inspection needs, so the inspection methods and questions may vary. With that in mind, the NFPA recommends that the following is inspected on a sprinkler system: Hanger and seismic bracing, spare sprinklers, sprinklers, pipe and fitting, and signage inspections. They also recommend that the main drain, fire pump, water flow, alarm devices, deluge, antifreeze solution, and pre-action valves be tested.

For dry pipe systems, you must perform valve and low point drain maintenance. Alarms, hydraulic nameplate, and fire department connection inspections must also be performed. For dry or wet pipes, perform pre-action, deluge systems, gauges, and control valve inspections. 

This is a lot of information to process, especially when inspections are performed manually or without pre-made and customizable question sets. InspectNTrack helps determine what inspections need to be performed at different times, as well as what specific questions need to be asked in order to ensure that the right information is gathered. 

Without an inspection software like InspectNTrack, there is the potential for the wrong type of inspection to occur, or for a technician to miss one of the inspection questions. When creating a sprinkler inspection program, it is important to consider how to create an effective program that satisfies all the needs set forth by the NFPA.

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Sprinklers can seem fool proof, as they are usually out of reach from people. But, like other assets, sprinklers can be faulty if they are not routinely inspected. Inspections ensure that if a sprinkler system is ever needed in an emergency, it will effectively perform its job. 

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