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InspectNTrack is the industry leader in fire extinguisher barcode inspection. With top-notch asset grouping and automatically assigned inspection tasks, barcode inspection can be customized to fit the needs of each user. Fire extinguisher barcode inspection means that with the use of a barcode scanner, fire extinguishers can be inspected in seconds. This ensures that the asset is not expired and is safe to use if needed.

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Discrepancy Filing With Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection

With fire extinguisher barcode inspection, the majority of the fire extinguishers will be safe and sound and the inspector can move on immediately. There is a chance that an issue could occur, such as exterior damage or an expired canister. If any of these problems do occur, a discrepancy is filed instantly. These discrepancies can be manually programed to ask further questions or be completely automated.

A discrepancy allows the issue to either be instantly solved on sight or flag the system to inform administrators that further action needs to be taken to solve the issue. This makes the process of discrepancies easy to understand, ensuring that all fire extinguishers are in working order.

Asset Tracking with Movable Assets

It can be a hassle when a fire extinguisher expires or needs to be refilled. This means that the fire extinguisher needs to be tracked while in transit to be refilled as well as when and where the fire extinguisher leaves the facility.

InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher barcode inspection is unique in that there is movable asset tracking for fire extinguishers and other assets. This takes the hassle out of keeping track of an asset when it moves within the facility or is moved to another location to be inspected or refilled. The location of the fire extinguisher will automatically be updated in our software, making it easy to track assets at all times.

Benefits of Discrepancy Filing

With large facilities, there are thousands of assets that need to be monitored and maintained. InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher barcode inspection makes this complicated process simple.

Discrepancies can be made unique to each facility and ensure that the discrepancy process is as thorough as desired by each company. This could be a simple “check yes” or “check no” questionnaire or a multiple question survey to get more information on the asset. No matter your company’s needs, our fire extinguisher barcode inspection allows for customization to ensure that all fire extinguishers are safe to use.

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Benefits of Movable Assets

The idea of movable assets may seem like a fairly simple process, and it is. But it does not come standard with most inspection software. For companies and schools that choose an inspection software without movable assets, you have to manually keep track of the location of fire extinguishers and other assets. If nothing moves then the process is fairly simple, but that is rarely the case.

Fire extinguishers are commonly moved around or even taken off sight for maintenance and other activities, and keeping track of this manually is a labor-intensive process. InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher barcode inspection takes away the unnecessary hassle of tracking assets. This makes inspections easy and straightforward.

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