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How Petrochemical Companies Perform Fire and Life Safety Inspections

June 24, 2024|Software|

An up-close look at fire and life safety inspections conducted at petrochemical companies. Their importance, key components, frequency, and more! Petrochemical companies operate in a high-risk environment due to the nature of their activities, which involve the processing and handling of flammable substances. Ensuring fire and life safety in these facilities is not just important, but [...]

How to Build A Fire and Life Safety Program From The Ground Up

June 7, 2024|Software|

This article outlines the key steps required in building a fire and life safety program. These steps are applicable to any organization, no matter what stage they are at in the program building process. Due to past fire incidents and current NFPA regulations, most organizations and universities have some level of fire safety in place. However, [...]