The Importance Of A Fire Extinguisher Inspection App

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Every company is required to adhere to federal, state, and local fire regulations for fire extinguisher inspections, and it’s helpful to have a fire extinguisher inspection app in order to do so. 

Fire regulations mandate that regular fire extinguisher inspections take place to ensure the integrity of the fire safety system. Throughout the lifetime of a single fire extinguisher, it undergoes numerous safety inspections to ensure safety. Tracking when each inspection is due, and what steps should be done on that specific inspection, is a tedious and time consuming task. The InspectNTrack fire extinguisher inspection app was built to alleviate some of the challenges surrounding the management of fire extinguisher safety inspections.

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How a Fire Extinguisher Inspection App Changes The Workplace

As mentioned above, ensuring safety and longevity of a fire extinguisher takes work. Not only does the fire extinguisher need to go through periodic safety inspections, but these inspections vary depending on the age of the asset. Sometimes it is sufficient just to make sure the fire extinguisher is in the right spot, while other times you may need to do a more thorough check that the fire extinguisher is still full and operational.

Whereas managing these inspections for a single fire extinguisher may not be overly difficult, when you manage hundreds or even thousands of assets, the task can quickly become overwhelming. That is why it is imperative to leverage the right tools to get the job done. This is where a fire extinguisher inspection app comes in.

Fire extinguisher inspection apps help manage the entire fire extinguisher inspection process. Using an app allows you to download it and use mobily, so your inspections are portable.This is important because it means you can have the app open as you are doing each safety inspection, and not have to rely on copying the information from one place to another.

The integrity of your data tracking is essential for proper safety inspections. If the data becomes corrupted or incorrect, the reports you see on safety inspections performed and the status of each asset may be misleading. In drastic cases, this could even lead to expensive fines if audited.

What Makes InspectNTrack Different?

With the many different fire extinguisher inspection apps on the market, why pick InspectNTrack? There are a few reasons why InspectNTrack is the best in the industry, and trusted by hundreds of companies throughout the nation.


One of the reasons companies consistently choose InspectNTrack over the competition is due to the industry leading speed our app performs at. Based on our cutting edge design, the InspectNTrack app allows you to perform safety inspections faster than other apps on the market. This increased speed saves you time and money  as you perform your fire extinguisher inspections.

Barcode Scanner

One of the aspects that makes InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher inspection app fast is the industry leading barcode scanner. Our barcode scanner can be used from any compatible device. It quickly scans the fire extinguisher, and then automatically stores the information for that specific asset. The data is then stored in the InspectNTrack software, which is used to send you updates on when inspections are due, as well as allows you to run reports on your current assets. If your company needs to invest in barcode scanning hardware, shop InspectNTrack today.


Being able to pull accurate reports is an essential aspect to any safety inspection app. InspectNTrack allows you to pull a variety of useful reports, as well as create custom reports that display the information you need, or that your shareholders request.

NFPA 10 Compliant

Another important aspect of InspectNTrack is that it is NFPA 10 compliant. This is essential, as staying NFPA 10 compliant is important to avoid heavy fines, as well as keep your company safe.

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Performing fire extinguisher inspections is essential to any business, but it can also be expensive and time consuming. Leveraging the proper fire extinguisher inspection app with InspectNTrack is vital to increasing productivity while maintaining cost effectiveness.

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