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Now more than ever, the significance of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) inspection software is increasingly evident. This software plays a crucial role in minimizing interpersonal contact to safeguard companies and institutions. Furthermore, EHS software serves as the essential tool for guaranteeing compliance and conducting regular, secure inspections

Unfortunately, when it comes to fire safety inspections, the process cannot be done remotely. It remains crucial to physically inspect assets to verify that all campus buildings comply with codes and are prepared for potential use. InspectNTrack’s EHS inspection software understands the risks that schools have with both COVID-19 and fire safety, and has provided an EHS software that helps to minimize these risks. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of InspectNTrack’s EHS inspection software.

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EHS Inspection Software For Mobile

With InspectNTrack’s mobile inspection software, inspections can be as quick as they are accurate. This minimizes the time spent in buildings, and removes the need for assets to be checked multiple times. InspectNTrack’s EHS inspection software not only provides the protection needed at these times, but provides a software that will continue to lead the industry in mobile inspections. 

Mapping Out Routes With EHS Inspection Software

One of the benefits of InspectNTrack’s EHS inspection software is route designation. Most campuses have multiple buildings, and large universities can have hundreds of buildings scattered around a campus. This can create a lot of confusion and inefficiencies for those performing inspections. 

There can be missed assets or backtracking, both of which waste time. InspectNTrack’s EHS inspection software automatically lets the user know where the next asset is, so that there is no confusion as to where they should go. This may seem like a small or nominal feature, but over time the route efficiency can save universities hours of time on inspections. 

In addition, with the risk of COVID-10, this means that inspection technicians are spending less time inside buildings. This reduces both the students and faculties risk to a potential exposure, and helps keep the technician safe. Many EHS directors currently using the EHS inspection software have commented on how this feature removes stress that comes with inspections, and is a massive time saver.

EHS Inspection Software Can Automate Inspections 

Another feature that benefits large universities and institutions is automatic inspection reminders. An EHS director’s job is full of responsibility, so having an added reminder for inspections is an immense help. The seemingly simple task of remembering inspections can get complicated when you’re dealing with hundreds of assets. Further, these assets need to be inspected in different time intervals, adding to the complication of inspections. 

For example, an exit sign does not need to be checked as frequently as an eyewash station or a fire extinguisher would. Since all of the assets inspections become staggered, the simple reminder of what needs to be checked and when has proven to be extremely helpful to EHS directors at large universities. 

Automatic inspection reminders is just one feature that makes InspectNTrack’s EHS inspection software an industry leader. 

Barcode Inspections 

Along with route designation and automatic reminders, InspectNTrack’s EHS inspection software provides another feature that sets it apart from the competition: barcode inspections. Barcoded inspections allow for faster and more accurate scans. Customizable discrepancy questionnaires allow for discrepancies to be completed to the desired depth of the school and/or EHS director.

EHS inspection software image showing EHS mobile barscan of an eyewash station

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Choose InspectNTrack For EHS Safety Inspections

InspectNTrack understands that there are many considerations to be made when making an effective EHS inspection software. That’s why we’ve worked with EHS directors to develop a product that works for large campuses and institutions.

InspectNTrack’s EHS inspection software has been tailored to fit the needs of a variety of institutions and companies. Our hardware options are offered so that everyone can find something they need. Whether it’s software to reduce COVID-19 exposure, barcode scanning, or mobile inspections, InspectNTrack has the answer.

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