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Please follow these steps to connect your Socket Mobile device to your iOS device.

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth is turn off on your iOS device
  2. Turn on and scan the Factory Reset barcode #FNB00F0# that is on page 3 of the device booklet, the device will turn off.  The setup guides is linked below.
    Socket Factory Reset Barcode
  3. Turn the device back on and scan the Application Mode (MFi-SPP) for Apple Devices barcode #FNB00F400002#
    Socket Configuration Barcode
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth and connect the scanner
  5. Navigate to the InspectNTrack application, go to setting, Setup Scanner
  6. Tap the box next to Select a Device and select Socket Mobile and then tap Done
  7. Tap Pair to Scanner, this will close the application.
  8. Restart the InspectNTrack App and you will see the message “Connected to the device” in the bottom of the screen.

Note:  These devices are a one to one pairing, if you want to use the Socket Mobile device on a different iOS device you will have to perform this setup on the new device.

Click here for the Socket Mobile Setup Guide