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User Group Permissions

User Groups allow you to define group roles and limit the rights of a given user to those necessary to fulfill their role. Rights are defined in User Groups and then a User Group or Role is assigned to specific users giving them only the access they need. Limiting your users access helps protect your data from accidental alterations or deletions that could compromise the integrate of your data.

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Default User Groups

  • Administrator – This user group has full access to all areas of InspectNTrack. They can Add, Edit, and Delete any records they need to and have access to all Administrative functions.
  • Power User – This user group has access to populate InspectNTrack from the webpage. They can perform their own inspections on the Devices but does not have rights to assign work to other users.
  • Regular User – This user group can view data on the webpage and make basic changes to the checkpoints but it unable to make broader changes.
  • Field Technician – This user group is limited to using the device and running basic reports.
  • Report User – This user group has access to run reports.

Adding a Users Group

  1. Click Admin
  2. Click Configure User Groups
  3. Click Create New User Group
  4. Enter the Users group Name
  5. Select the settings for this new users group and Save
  6. Add this new users group to any user that you want to have this permission set.

Selecting User Groups

  1. Click Admin
  2. Click Configure User Groups
  3. Select a User Group from the “User Group” drop down in the upper left hand corner
    This displays the rights for the selected User group

Editing User Groups
Any User Group, even the default ones, can be edited to better fit your needs. Any changes made to User Groups will affect all current and future users assigned that Role.

  1. Select the User Group you wish to edit
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Make changes as desired
  4. Save your changes.