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If you are looking for a way to speed up fire extinguisher inspections, then it’s time to think about automation. With modern inspection software from InspectNTrack, you can easily inspect fire extinguishers without worrying about lengthy data entry and missed inspection errors.

Fire extinguisher inspections are critical to a safe workplace, and you cannot compromise on an inspection system. That’s why InspectNTrack is not only an investment in faster asset inspections, but an investment in the safety and well-being of your workplace.

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Route Creation

One of the most common issues with fire extinguisher inspections is wasted time trying to track down assets. Oftentimes, you find that fire extinguishers are misplaced and not in their designated location. 

With most businesses and college campuses having hundreds, or even thousands, of fire extinguishers that need inspection, creating a proper route to account for all the fire extinguisher inspections gets complicated. When inspections are completed manually, technicians are responsible for knowing and remembering where every asset is located. This is difficult for one person to complete, and even more difficult when multiple people are trying to share and exchange information for that inspection route. 

InspectNTrack understands that this process is difficult, so asset tracking was designed to help reduce time spent completing a fire extinguisher inspection route. When using InspectNTrack, each asset is recorded in the app so that nothing gets missed or accidentally recorded twice. Since it is uncommon to complete fire inspections in one day, InspectNTrack  creates efficient routes which save time by allowing multiple users to complete inspection routes and track which asset has already been inspected, so the inspector starts the route at the correct location. By making designated routes for fire extinguisher inspections, double scans and missed assets are avoided, and confusion is eliminated.

Barcode Inspections

Barcode inspections benefit users by allowing them to instantly access information. With manual inspections, users have to look up fire extinguisher inspection information for each asset individually. Each asset has a different history and issues, which is difficult to remember.

InspectNTrack is not only able to record past issues with a given asset, but displays exactly needs to be inspected for the asset. This reduces time spent trying to look up what needs to be inspected. Barcodes also speed up routine fire extinguisher inspections on the back end of the process by speeding up the flow of information. 

Once a barcode is scanned and the inspection is performed, information is sent directly to each administrator’s computer. This means that there is no need to copy the results of the inspection back on to an Excel document or sort each paper in a filing cabinet. These steps are completely removed from the fire extinguisher inspection process, which makes the process more efficient and accurate.

Customized Question Sets

Fire extinguisher inspections tend to be lengthy because of the amount of the questions that are asked, some of which seem obvious or redundant. Most of these questionnaires are made by government agencies like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), who are concerned with creating the safest conditions possible. The NFPA is not running a business and has no interest in creating a question set that is quick and efficient, which ends up costing time for businesses. 

InspectNTrack allows users to create a question set that is unique to the business. These inspections can be as quick or lengthy as the user desires, making fire extinguisher inspections tailored to fit each individual business. This saves time on inspections because questions that are irrelevant can be removed. Multiple questions that ask the same thing can also be merged into one question, which speeds up the process. This gives businesses the ability to customize a fire extinguisher inspection to be as efficient as possible, suiting the exact needs of that individual business.

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If your business or organization is seeking a new way to complete fire extinguisher inspection, then it’s time to invest in automated inspection software. With InspectNTrack, you can automate inspections, ensure safety, and save time.

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