Why Fire Door Inspections Matter

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This article dives into why fire doors matter, what purpose they serve, and how fire door inspection software can aid in their maintenance!

Picture this: you’re working in your cubicle, and you smell smoke. You realize that fire is imminent, so you pack your belongings in a mad dash. You understand the fire protocol, and walk towards the fire exit. Unfortunately, the manager decided to stack all of the new inventory in front of the fire door. As more people pile up near the fire exit, it becomes difficult to remove all the boxes in time, causing a widespread panic.

The simple decision by your manager to block a fire door poses a risk to safety and worker lives. While it may seem pointless to have weekly inspections for fire doors, it is imperative that these insects are taken seriously. This scenario may seem far fetched, but actually occurs more often than most think.

Fire doors play a crucial role in the safety of both employees and customers, and when they are not properly inspected and maintained, can lead to injury, stress, and in the worst case, casualties.

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How Fire Doors Are Regulated

Thankfully, there are regulations in place in order to prevent these serious accidents. The NFPA 80 standard requires that all fire door assemblies be inspected and tested yearly, in addition to other inspections. It is common for audits to be performed to ensure inspections are done properly.

For this reason, it is important to set up fire door inspection routines. No matter if a company has 1 fire door or 50, they all need to be kept clear and inspected so that they can open if needed.

How InspectNTrack Can Help

InspectNTrack can help with fire door inspections by offering a centralized data system that easily stores and organizes all data for fire and life safety equipment, including fire doors! On top of that, our software can be used to automate and simplify the inspection process.

To do this, users simply add each fire door into the system and input how often they want the doors to be inspected. InspectNTrack then takes this information creates a schedule for inspections, providing triggers when maintenance is needed.

Users are reminded when fire door inspections are due, ensuring that these inspections are never missed and anyone entering the building is safe. Without an inspection software like InspectNTrack, users are responsible for knowing when inspections are due. This makes it easy to forget fire door inspections, as they can fall to the wayside for more prevalent inspection activities. Manual inspections allow for risk to be involved, as there is a level of human error that is always incorporated. InspectNTrack helps to remove some of this risk by creating inspection reminders and providing question sets so that technicians know what to look for.

The customizable question sets that InspectNTrack provides makes the physical inspection process much easier by telling technicians what to look for when performing inspections. These question sets are customizable so users can either use a pre-made question set made by a source like NFPA, or use a question set made up entirely by the users. This variability allows for each individual circumstance to be considered.

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InspectNTrack makes the overall fire door inspection process simple and efficient, because without an inspection software, the automation and security would not be possible. Fire doors should always be taken seriously and inspected in order to create a safe environment for each building.

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