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How Petrochemical Companies Perform Fire and Life Safety Inspections

June 24, 2024|Software|

An up-close look at fire and life safety inspections conducted at petrochemical companies. Their importance, key components, frequency, and more! Petrochemical companies operate in a high-risk environment due to the nature of their activities, which involve the processing and handling of flammable substances. Ensuring fire and life safety in these facilities is not just important, but [...]

10 Ways To Improve Fire and Life Safety Inspections With Software

October 10, 2023|Software|

This article outlines 10 benefits that come from incorporating software into fire and life safety inspections. In this digital age, fire and life safety inspection software has emerged as a game-changing tool to enhance and streamline fire safety programs, ushering in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensive safety management. Fire and life safety programs [...]

4 Handheld Scanner Features Ideal for Quick and Efficient Safety Inspections

November 8, 2021|Mobile Inspection|

4 Reasons to Use Handheld Scanners This article explores 4 features and benefits of using handheld scanners to perform fire and life safety inspections. Increased efficiency can be yours. One of the more important ways companies maintain their safety protocols is through automated safety inspections with handheld scanners. Inspections are essential for ensuring fire extinguishers, [...]