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Roam Update is a feature that allows users to automatically pass selected tasks without answering a question set. This is a time saving feature that requires only a barcode scan to complete a task. Users must have appropriate permissions to use this feature. To access Roam Update, open the settings menu from any screen within the app and select settings.

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On the settings screen, select the Roam Update option. This will navigate to the Roam Update screen. On the Roam Update screen the user must first select a task. Task selections are “sticky” and, once selected, the selection will remain selected for the user each subsequent time they login. The only time task selections are forgotten is after updating the app to a new version. To select a task(s), click the filter icon.

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The filter screen displays a list of all the tasks within the system. You must select at least one task in order to use Roam Update, but you may select more than one task if you wish to update multiple tasks at the same time. To select a task, tap the grey circle before the task name. This will add a green checkmark to the circle to indicate that it is selected.

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Use the back arrow in front of “Task Selection” on the menu bar to go back out to the Roam Update screen.

On this screen you may enter or scan the barcode for a fixed equipment, or enter/scan a location barcode first followed by a moveable equipment barcode. When performing Roam Update on checkpoints that are synced to the device the user will experience feedback from the app. Successful scans will produce a confirmation screen that displays the name of the task that was updated. The “Equipment Details” and Complete Tasks” buttons take the user to the equipment details screen where the user can answer the question set or see the equipment details. The “Up Next” area at the bottom of the screen shows the next checkpoint in the route. On this screen the user may immediately scan the next checkpoint barcode to repeat the Roam Update process on the next checkpoint.

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Roam Update may also be used to update unassigned checkpoints and checkpoints that are not synced to the device. After scanning an unassigned or non-synced checkpoint the user will get a feedback message stating that a roaming checkpoint was logged. The system will search the system database for the logged checkpoint during the sync process and update the task at that time upon successful match.

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