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Auto Move is a feature that allows InspectNTrack to relocate moveable equipment to a scanned location automatically and without requiring confirmation from the user.

A standard scanning workflow is as follows: Each time a location and moveable equipment are scanned together on the mobile app, InspectNTrack verifies that the scanned location matches the location on file within the system for the moveable equipment. If the scanned location does not match the system location, a pop-up box will appear notifying the user of what the last known location was and asking the user if they would like to move the equipment to the location that was just scanned. The user has options to move the equipment or cancel.

When Auto Move is enabled the user no longer experiences pop-up messages when scanning a location and moveable equipment that do not match. Instead, the system automatically updates the location of the equipment to the scanned location. This offers a huge increase in speed and efficiency to users who intend to move all equipment during their inspection route. Additionally, this feature must be enabled in conjunction with Roam Update in order to move equipment within that module.

To enable Auto Move, click on the menu from any screen and then select settings.

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On the settings menu click on Auto Move.

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Once on the Auto Move screen, use the toggle to turn the feature on and off. Use the back arrow on the title bar to exit out of the screen once the feature is turned on or off.

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Anytime Auto Move is turned on, users will see an icon at the top of the screen to make them aware that the feature is active. The feature stays permanently enabled until the user navigates back to the Auto Move screen and turns it off.

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