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Incidents are optional functionality in InspectNTrack. Incidents are generally used to track abnormal conditions or issues that require follow-up. Incidents are also used to trigger subsequent action automatically.

Incidents are logged by the inspector on the hand-held device. They can be manually selected during the inspection process or can be automatically triggered from a failed Question. Use the Incident and Discrepancy Report to report on Incidents for selected a selected date range. This report can also be used for analysis purposes, providing frequency of occurrence information.

Incidents can be configured to trigger subsequent actions (optional):

1. Create Discrepancy – triggers a Discrepancy, similar to a Failed Question

2. Do Question Set – triggers a Question Set for the inspector to respond too

3. Change Checkpoint Status – Upon loading your inspection, the associated Equipment Status is updated (Active, Inactive or Missing)

4. Move Checkpoint to Location – Upon uploading your inspection, the Equipment is automatically moved to the specified Location (often used for automatically moving extinguishers to the Spare or Maintenance Location.

5. Send an Email – Upon uploading your inspection an email is automatically sent to the named recipient(s)

Incidents are created and grouped into Incident Sets, often based on Equipment or Asset Type. This expedites Incident selection by the inspector when recording Incidents on the device. The inspector simply selects the desired Incident Set, then the required Incident from this set. This saves the inspector from having to scroll through the entire Incident listing.

Add an Incident Set

1. Select Incident

2. Select Add New

3. Enter the Description

4. Save

Add an Incident to an Incident Set

1. Select Incident

2. Select the desired Incident Set link

3. Select Add New to create a new Incident (or select Add Exisiting to add an exisitng Incident)

4. At minimum complete the required fields: ID and Description

5. The Memo field is optional and is detailed on the Incident Report

6. Select optional trigger actions: Create a Discrepancy, Do Question Set, Change Checkpoint Status To, Move Checkpoint to Location or Send an Email (see above section for additional details)

7. Select OK to Save