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The Task Assignment table is where you start to create the periodical table for inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) tasks. This table provides the backbone for the scheduler to assign the proper task intervals by linking the Equipment Type with the Task Description and finally to the Question Sets if applicable.

Depending on the required Assignments you may be able to setup the Assignments at the Category level, the Sub Category level or the Equipment Description level.

(Example: all Extinguishers require a Monthly inspection and are associated to the same Question Set. Instead of setting up each Equipment Type on a Monthly Task with a Monthly Extinguisher Question Set, setup one assignment for the Category Extinguisher, Task Monthly and the Monthly Extinguisher Question Set. The result is one assignment for maybe a dozen types of Extinguishers.)


How to Add a Task Assignment

1. Select Task Assignment from the Task drop-down

2. Select Add New

3. Select one of the following:

  • Equipment Description – sets Schedules for all Equipment associated to the selected Equipment Description
  • Category – sets Schedules for all Equipment associated to the selected Category
  • Sub Category – Sets Schedules for all Equipment associated to the selected Sub Category

4. OR, select Assign this Task Schedule only to the following Equipment

  • Select Equipment record’ – Sets Schedule for only the selected Equipment record

5. Select the Task Description

6. Question Set is optional; if you elect to only have pass/fail you can forego the questions set and the task will present as PAS/FAIL only.


7. Save