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Equipment Types are equipment categories or groupings of similar checkpoints. Scheduling is managed at the Equipment Type level. When defining Equipment Types; consider the frequency of inspection, the inspection checklist and ultimately the terminology that is required for reporting purposes.

General Tab

  • Equipment Types are comprised of three fields: Category, Sub Category, and Description.
  • Category is the broadest or most general description (example: Fire Extinguisher, Sprinkler System)
  • Sub Category is optional (can be valuable for filtering data for Reports) (Example:Dry Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, Notification Device)
  • Description Category and Description are required. (Example: 10 lbs ABC Extinguisher, Heat Detector)

Equipment Types are either Movable or Fixed.

  • Movable Equipment is portable and two bar codes scan are required to perform and inspection: a Location bar code and an Equipment bar code. When performing inspections, the Location bar code is scanned first then the Movable Equipment bar code is scanned after the location bar code.
  • Fixed Equipment is stationary and only one bar code is required.

Task Assignment Tab

You are able to assign a task via the equipment description from this tab. It does require that you have created the task description prior to using it. For more information refer to Creating Task Descriptions.

Manufacturers/Vendors/Models is an option. Refer to Maintain_Manufacturers_and_Vendors for additional information.

Properties are an option. Refer to Maintain_Properties for additional information.


How to Add an Equipment Type

1. Select Equipment Type from the Checkpoint menu

2. Select Add New

3. Complete fields as needed (Category and Description are required)

4. Select Movable or Fixed

5. Select Save

6. Once the record is saved, you have the option to Add Manufacturers, Properties, Links or Notes