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InspectNTrack’s fire safety inspection software was designed with large companies and universities in mind. With capabilities to handle large scale demands, large operations can be managed and changed to best fit the environment in which they are used. 

When comparing this software to others, most small scale fire safety inspection software does not have the capability to scale up and provide the customizable features and management that large operations need. The smaller software works great for small companies with a few hundred assets, but tends to crash or have issues when faced with tens of thousands of assets. 

So what do mid-sized companies do when it comes to asset inspection? Luckily, InspectNTrack has options for companies of various sizes.

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Options For Fire Safety Inspection Software

If you’re an owner or operator of a mid-sized company, you’re probably wondering what the best inspection software is for you. You likely have too many assets for it to be tracked manually, but not large enough to justify a full scale fire safety inspection software like InspectNTrack.

While it is true that manual inspections can be impractical, InspectNTrack still provides the software necessary to cater the needs of medium sized companies and universities. The amount of users with access to the software can be selected based on the size of the company and is what decides the overall software pricing. So, if a company does not have a demanding asset portfolio, they can select an option of pricing that best matches their needs.

Starter Package From InspectNTrack

InspectNTrack’s fire safety inspection software is the one-stop shop when it comes to fire safety inspections because of the customizable pricing options. There is a starter package that is the least expensive option, which provides the basic needs that a company would need for asset inspections. The starter package does not provide all the features that larger packages have, but chances are with a smaller company these features are not even needed in the first place. This is perfect for companies that are running smaller operations and need an inspection software but don’t need additional features.

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Intermediate Package From InspectNTrack

The second option when it comes to fire safety inspection softwares is the intermediate package. With between two and four users, this package allows for larger scale operations to allow information to flow between multiple personnel. 

This is targeted towards companies and universities that are too large for manual inspections, but do not want to pay the high prices associated with industrial fire safety inspection software. This option comes with more features than a basic package that may be beneficial to medium sized operations, such as language options and on premise installations. Medium sized companies have a software package designed specifically to cater to their needs with plenty of features and modest pricing.

Enterprise Package From InspectNTrack

The largest package is the enterprise grade fire safety inspection software. With 5+ users and every available option added, the enterprise grade software has the largest amount of customization. 

Designed for universities and large scale companies, this InspectNTrack package can easily manage and schedule inspections, creating a plan that works best for the company. Despite having the most capability and function, the enterprise software package is still competitively priced against other fire safety inspection softwares in its class.

Let InspectNTrack Keep Your Business Safe

It is clear that InspectNTrack is the best choice when it comes to fire safety inspection software. With software packages built to cater to different sized companies, large, medium, and small companies can have access to a high quality inspection software at an affordable price. 

It is not common for a software to be able to scale to the needs of all sizes of companies, which is why InspectNTrack is the choice of Ivy league universities and small businesses alike. InspectNTrack has proven to provide high quality fire safety inspection software for all companies with fire safety assets.

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