The Importance of Inspecting Fire Suppression Systems

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Your workplace experiences changes over the years, whether that means moving desks, installing new outlets, or anything in between. All of these changes come with the potential for accidents to happen. Most of the time, work-related emergencies are the result of accidents, not negligence. But despite how careful people can be, emergencies like fires can happen unexpectedly. 

Without proper fire suppression equipment, these preventable emergencies can escalate and cause serious damage. That’s why it’s important to have fire suppression equipment available that is routinely inspected, so when you need it, it works. Fire suppression system inspections may seem complicated, which is why InspectNTrack can clarify what inspections need to be completed to make the process as efficient as possible.

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Weekly Inspections

So what fire suppression system inspections items need to be inspected regularly? Items include: fire pumps, sprinkler system control valves, public water supply, fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, fire doors and more.

These items need to be checked weekly because they are the most important aspects of fire suppression systems. A lot can change week to week regarding the location and status of these fire suppression system items, so it’s crucial that they are inspected.

Fortunately, these inspections don’t have to be time consuming. Simple inspection tasks include checking that an item is in its proper location, or that water is adequately supplied to that location. InspectNTrack can help with these inspections by reminding users when inspections are due, then directing users to the location that needs inspection. This turns a tedious process into an efficient routine.

Monthly Inspections

While items such as control valves, electric driven fire pumps, and portable fire extinguishers do not need weekly inspections, monthly inspections are also critical. A monthly inspection is an in-depth way to keep track of fire suppression systems. 

These inspections typically include a longer question set and take more time to complete than weekly inspections. They examine the functionality and life cycle of fire suppression systems, and ensure your fire equipment follows regulations. InspectNTrack covers monthly inspections by automatically reminding the user when inspections are due, and performing these inspections through custom question sets. InspectNTrack also uses barcode inspection software, so these inspections are as quick as possible. 

Annual Inspections

Annual inspections are the most in-depth fire suppression system inspections. These inspections include assets such as water supply control valves, sprinkler systems, special extinguishing systems and others. 

The list of items that need to be inspected is longer than the other two, and contain inspection questions that may require a Fire Marshall’s review. These inspections include reviewing the pressure and contents of fire extinguishers to make sure they can be used for another year. Without these inspections, some of the most crucial features of fire suppression systems could potentially fail. 

InspectNTrack helps to coordinate these inspections, making them as accurate as possible. With automatic reminders for upcoming annual inspections, managers can make sure that all necessary aspects of the inspection are set up and ready for when an inspection is due.

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Whether you’re struggling to keep up with monthly inspections, or you’re just seeking a way to streamline inspections in the workplace, InspectNTrack can help. Our barcode inspection system makes inspections seamless and ensures you never miss a fire suppression system inspection. Contact us for a demo of our software or to learn more.

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