Why Are Automated Inspection Reminders Important?

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EHS directors and safety managers understand the importance and severity of fire and safety inspections. Unfortunately, with all of the daily tasks that arise, these inspections can be forgotten if they aren’t made a priority. 

 Most of the time, if an inspection is missed, it is no big deal. Users can continue to perform their job with no repercussions. That being said, there is the possibility of serious risks when an inspection is missed. 

First, if a company misses an inspection, they can potentially be audited and eventually fined by an AHJ for not following NFPA regulations. This is a costly mistake that’s not good for a business’ reputation. On the other hand, if an inspection is incomplete or missing, then a faulty piece of equipment can go unnoticed and therefore not perform its job when you need it most. This is the scenario with repercussions as bad as losing valuable equipment, buildings or worse, lives. 

That being said, it is important for colleges and companies to track inspections to prevent these problems. Here are some of the ways that InspectNTrack can help users track their inspections and never miss a safety asset.

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Automated Reminders

When a technician logs into the InspectNTrack mobile app they are presented with a list of all the equipment that has an inspection due. This ensures that inspections are never missed. The problem for most companies and schools is that inspections can occur at different times, and throw off the monthly schedule.

InspectNTrack understands that it is important to make an inspection routine that works for your specific company. These inspections can be done once a month on a certain day, like the first Tuesday of every month. This lets companies create a plan that fits within their schedule, because assets can be checked as frequently or infrequently as you desire. Because of reminders, users will never forget when inspections are due.

Route Completion

InspectNTrack understands that it is typical for a company or university to have anywhere between 100 to 10,000 total assets. These assets can be spread out between multiple buildings or multiple campuses. This can make it very unreasonable to complete all inspections in one day. In order to prevent users from forgetting where they left off, or inspecting work that has already been done, InspectNTrack can keep track of what percentage of an inspection route has been completed. Not only does this prevent missing assets or double scanning assets, it lets the administrator know exactly how much work they have left. This keeps users in control during inspections, so that they can be tracked accurately. 

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Route Designations

A small but useful feature that InspectNTrack provides is route designation. This informs techs where they need to go during an inspection in order to maximize time. 

It’s difficult to know where all assets are in a building as well as where they are located, which is why it is clearly laid out on the app. InspectNTrack provides an automated route that can inform techs of how many assets there are in a building and where they need to go. This prevents the tech from missing any assets, and ensures they aren’t spending hours searching for the next asset to inspect. 

Choose InspectNTrack to Track Inspections

With all of the tools that InspectNTrack provides, users do not need to be worried about potential accidents or fines and can properly track inspections. From route creation to automated reminders, your inspection technician will have a streamlined experience when you choose InspectNTrack.

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