Android - zero touch enrollment

What is Android Zero Touch Enrollment?

Android Zero Touch Enrollment is a faster and easier way of provisioning or deploying Android mobile devices for businesses. It makes device roll-outs within an organization simple and secure.

The best part about Zero Touch is that the IT department does not even have to touch the devices in order to have their security policies and configurations applied. In fact, no one has to do anything – the end user simply powers the new device on and it configures itself!

There are significant time savings of Zero Touch Enrollment compared to traditional MDM enrollments performed with manual entry, barcode scans, or NFC. Not only this, but the larger the deployment, the greater the time savings.

There is no cost to utilize Zero Touch Enrollment, so let’s dive more into what it is and why it is useful.

What is Required For Zero Touch Enrollment?

In order to use Zero Touch Enrollment you must:

  • purchase your Android devices from a certified Android Enterprise Device Reseller.
  • have compatible EMM, or Enterprise Mobility Management software.
  • use devices that have Android 9 or later, with a few exceptions for earlier operating systems.

If you’re looking into compatible EMM, there are a wide variety of options on the market including popular options like SOTI MobiControl and Microsoft InTune. A complete list of compatible EMM providers can be viewed on the Enterprise Solutions Directory website. There are even low price options out there for small businesses.

How Does Zero Touch Enrollment Work?

Once the proper software and devices have been procured, the actual device deployment process is very simple as follows:

  1. Purchase your new Android devices from a certified Android Enterprise Device Reseller.
  2. The reseller creates a Zero Touch portal for the customer, or is added to an existing customer portal.
  3. The reseller uploads the serial numbers of the new devices into the Zero Touch portal.
  4. The customer is able to pre-apply EMM configurations to the devices in the portal, even before receiving them.
  5. Devices are able to ship direct to the end users. When the end user turns the device on the EMM configuration is immediately pushed to it and it is ready to use.

That’s it!

How Can I Use Zero Touch Enrollment?

Zero Touch Enrollment is easy to use when you work with the right partner. Wentworth offers the supplies and expertise required from start to finish. We are:

  • Zebra Business Partners offering resale of Zero Touch compliant Android mobile computers. Our online store is easy to shop.
  • Soti MobiControl resellers. We can help you get setup with your own EMM software.
  • Android Enterprise Device resellers. We are authorized to create and work within Zero Touch portals.
  • Android Enterprise Expert certified. We’ve completed rigorous Google Android training courses and are certified to implement and troubleshoot complex Android configurations. This is above and beyond what many device resellers obtain.

Please reach out to us for more information about implementing a Zebra hardware purchase with Zero Touch enrollment.

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