Zebra TC52x Healthcare Mobile Computer


This product listing includes the mobile computer only. Charging cable is required and must be purchased separately.
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Zebra TC52x Healthcare Mobile Computer Description

The TC52x-HC is ready for around the clock use, delivering reliable operation — even if you drop it on the floor or get it wet. The unibody design provides extra impact protection for the sensitive electronics. And the Corning® Gorilla® Glass touch panel and imager window bring maximum scratch-resistance and shatter-proofing to two of the most vulnerable device features. Get the most powerful platform in this class with the 2.45 GHz octa-core SD660 processor, 4 GB RAM and 32 GB of Universal Flash Storage (UFS), delivering simultaneous read/write capability that rivals solid state drive (SSD) performance and speeds.

The PowerPrecision+ high capacity battery delivers an impressive 14 hours of power1 — plenty for the longest shift. Change batteries without shutting down or rebooting with hot swapping. Batteries are fully charged and ready to go in record time with Fast Charging.

With Device Tracker, you can easily monitor and locate missing TC52x-HC devices — even if they are powered down.

A new scanner takes performance to a new high, complete with healthcare safe illumination LEDs and aimer colors. And with FIPS 140-2 and TAA certification, the TC52x-HC is ideal for all hospitals, including government facilities.

The TC52x-HC is disinfectant ready to withstand frequent cleanings — screw holes are covered and the number of crevices and seams have been minimized to eliminate places where germs can hide. Innovative clog-resistant audio grills prevent debris and disinfectants from entering the receiver, protecting audio quality. Advanced medical grade plastics provide superior toughness, able to withstand frequent cleanings with a wide selection of disinfectants.

Configuration Options

No Configuration - Drop Ship - Device will be shipped to you unopened directly from the distributor

Zero Touch Enrollment - Click here to learn more about Zero Touch Enrollment

Standard InspectNTrack Installation - Device will be connected to a generic Google account, have InspectNTrack installed, and have a custom wallpaper background installed. Non-business apps will be removed.

Custom Configuration - For customers with device security requirements we can disable or block cameras, Wi-Fi, and BlueTooth. We can install lockdown software to prevent access to everything except the intended app. You will be contacted upon purchase for specific requirements.