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What does it mean when a grey P is displayed next to a customer, division, route, zone, or checkpoint?

P stands for “Partial”. This means that the record in question has been visited but is not yet complete. For example, If you are working within a route that has 50 inspections due and you complete 49 inspections, the route list page will show a P next to the route name. Once the last inspection is completed the P will change to a green checkmark.

When a P appears next to a checkpoint after an inspection this means that there is still a task due. This could mean a few different things such as:

  • One task was completed but there is an additional outstanding task. Ex, a monthly inspection was completed on a fire extinguisher but a hydro service is due.
  • The equipment was scanned on or visited, but a task was not completed. This could mean that a task was not even opened, or that the task was opened and partially completed but not recorded.

Link to more information about icons.