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If you synchronize your mobile app and do not see the customer, division, route, or zone that you are looking for there are a couple of possible reasons.

There are no tasks due. If your mobile assignment is setup to sync only due and overdue tasks, it will not display customers, routes or zones when there are no tasks due. For example, if you complete all the monthly tasks within a route and sync the device, the route will be removed from the list. It will not show up again until the following month when tasks become due again.

The route or zone is not assigned to you. By default, mobile users do not have access to routes or zones unless they are assigned. When new routes or zones are created they must be assigned to users before they synchronize to the mobile app. Click here for instructions on managing a user assignment.

If both of the above options have been verified and you need further assistance, please contact or 440-212-7696.