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The Detailed Task Report is useful for providing forecasting information. It can include up to 6 different tasks and works with any future date range. A common use is to enter extinguisher maintenance tasks such as 12 year hydro, 6 year maintenance, and 5 year hydro, but any task for any type of equipment will work with this report. The following example describes how to use the report to forecast extinguisher maintenance.

From the InspectNTrack web portal, use the top menu to hover over Reports, then hover over What’s Still Due, then click on Detailed Task Report.


How to navigate the InspectNTrack software dashboard to find the detailed task report



Next, use the filter screen to input any required criteria for customer, route, zone, equipment, location, etc. In the Task Filter area, use the search button to find and select the tasks that should be included on the report. In this example we have selected Hydro 12 Years and Hydro 5 Years. Then, use the Date Filter to input the time criteria. You might select End of Year when running the report for the current year, or select Custom Date to run the report for a future year and input 12/31/xx. (For example, to run the report for hydros due in 2024 the input would be 12/31/24). After the criteria is input generate the report.



Filters available in the Detailed Task Report Page of InspectNTrack fire safety software



The graph at the top of the report offers a summary of quantity due for each selected task. The legend on the right size of the graph displays the selected tasks with their corresponding color on the graph. The number at the top of each color block displays the total for that task. Below the graph, a detailed list of each included equipment is displayed along with the task due date.



Total Task Due page in InspectNTrack fire safety software