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It is possible to export data from many of the screens within the system using Advanced Filters. Some of the many uses for filtering include answering questions such as:

  • How many locations or equipment records does a particular customer have?
  • How many fire extinguisher types do I have in my system?
  • How many equipment records are in a particular route?
  • What is the break down of equipment by category within a zone?

We’ll use the last example to demonstrate the process of creating a custom filtered data export: What is the break down of equipment by category within a zone?

Since we are inquiring about equipment counts we will us the top menu bar to navigate to Checkpoint –> Equipment.


On the equipment screen click on Advanced Search.


On the Advanced Search screen the data can be filtered. Scrolling the Available Columns to View box shows all the possible filter criteria. Find the column you wish to include in your search and use the arrows in between the two boxes to move the column into the Selected Columns to View box.


Adding columns to the Selected Columns to View box adds them to the data dashboard. Clicking OK will return you to the dashboard with the new columns displayed and all data displaying. The data can be further filtered if desired using the Specialty Filter Criteria area:

In the Field drop-down, select the field you wish to filter. The only fields displayed are the ones in the Selected Columns to View box.

In the Operator drop-down, select IS for a specific filter or one of the other options for a broad filter.

In the Value box, enter the exact filter criteria. In this example we are filtering to data within a single zone so we select Zone Number as the Field and enter the zone number.

Click OK to view the results, or use the AND/OR drop-down to layer on additional filter criteria.


The dashboard displays the data with the selected columns and filters. Data can be exported to PDF, Excel, or emailed utilizing the export links at the top of the screen.