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The following video describes how to change a barcode ID from the mobile app.

You can change the barcode ID of a location, fixed equipment, or moveable equipment from the mobile app. This is permissions based.

First, navigate to through the proper route and zone to arrive at the details screen of the checkpoint you wish to edit. Click the menu icon and then select Edit Location, Edit Fixed Equipment, or Edit Moveable Equipment. The available option will vary depending on what type of checkpoint screen you are on.


Next, place your curser in the equipment or location ID field. Use the delete key to erase the existing ID. After the ID is deleted and with the curser still in the ID field, scan the new barcode. Alternatively the barcode number can be typed into the field. Press the save button in the upper, right corner of the screen. Note that the ID change will not be reflected system-wide until the mobile device is synced.