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A fire extinguisher inspection company is commonly known as a service provider. Why is that? Because they are fire extinguisher inspection experts hired to perform fire extinguisher inspections for companies who do not have the time or resources to perform inspections themselves. 

When it comes to choosing software for an inspection company, InspectNTrack is a leading choice. We’ve got the tools and capabilities for flexible, fast inspection that gives you the best value and, most importantly, keeps your workplace safe.

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What Makes InspectNTrack A Leading Inspection Software Company?

Using InspectNTrack as your inspection company will allow you and your employees to do your jobs better. Why? The main benefit to investing in InspectNTrack’s automated inspection software is that your company can have confidence in your safety. These automated inspections are routinely performed with all of the information you need neatly compiled on a Cloud server.  

There is always a chance that your company will be audited by a government safety agency. In this case, the process is easy and stress-free when using InspectNTrack. InspectNTrack keeps a record of all past inspections, so that a fire extinguisher inspection company can easily look up past inspections and provide the required information.

How Does This Automated Inspection Software Work?

InspectNTrack follows unique scheduling protocols for each customer, which helps fire extinguisher inspection companies provide personal services that cater to the specific needs of each company. 

Unique scheduling protocols customize the way that inspections are scheduled with the system. For example, a monthly inspection can be set to occur every 30 days, or on a specific date of the month, such as the 1st or 2nd. This is not to say that inspections can’t just be scheduled 30 days from the last inspection that was done. This allows fire inspection companies to meet the exact needs of all their customers.

In addition to setting up specific inspection dates for each customer, InspectNTrack users can set up a specific set of inspection questions for each customer as well. Unique inspection questions ensure that each customer can have information captured that pertains to their company. Questions can also be set up to use standard NFPA forms to ensure compliance. This allows for fire extinguisher inspection companies to cater to the needs of each individual company that they service.

Also, InspectNTrack can be set up to automatically email inspection reports to each customer. This feature saves fire extinguisher inspection companies time, and ensures that there are no errors when it comes to emailing late or missing a customer. 

For companies who want to be updated often, fire extinguisher inspection companies can give their customers a login to InspectNTrack, so they have access to view their equipment and inspections. This gives customers visibility and establishes a degree of security and trust with service providers. If you want to know what’s going on and when, you can easily do so.

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Thanks to all of these outstanding features, InspectNTrack increases company profitability by decreasing the workload needed to complete inspections. This is achieved through innovative automation, automatic follow-up for failed inspection, custom data sets, and more. 

If you’re looking for the leading choice for automated inspection software, choose InspectNTrack. Request a free demo today.

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