Fire alarm inspections are a vital part of maintaining workplace safety. This article details the importance of fire alarm inspections and how InspectNTrack’s fire alarm inspection software can be a beneficial tool! 

Maintain Safe Fire Alarm Systems

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For most people, fire alarms are one of the first kinds of fire protection that come to mind. This is likely because they are found everywhere and referenced often. But more than that, they are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for fire protection and safety.

So, let’s talk about fire alarm systems.

Fire alarms are responsible for warning the entire building to evacuate immediately, in order to save people from potential danger. Fire alarm systems are arguably the most important piece of equipment when it comes to saving lives. With proper inspections, this equipment can perform its job when needed. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that a fire alarm never goes off. This dangerous situation can be potentially life threatening by not alerting people to a fire.

That is why it is imperative that companies create a fire alarm system inspection process. Fire alarm system inspection can be easy and effective when performed correctly.

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Why Are Fire Alarm System Inspections Needed?

At times, fire alarm inspections feel redundant. The vast majority of the time, nothing ever changes with the fire alarms themselves. This particular piece of equipment is stationary and very rarely has issues with its functionality. 

That being said, that does not mean that there is not a chance for a part of a fire alarm system to break or malfunction. There are tons of potential issues that fire alarms can potentially have that would leave them nonfunctional when the time comes for them to be used. A fire alarm inspection is designed to reduce the risk of these events occurring by checking the functionality of the system each week. 

A routine fire alarm inspection takes the very small chance of a disaster occurring and brings that chance to zero simply by ensuring, week after week, that the system will work when needed. InspectNTrack helps with this process by providing tools that make fire alarm system inspections as efficient and accurate as possible. With tools that tell users what needs to be done, and where, inspections take a fraction of the time compared to manual counterparts.

How Costly Is A Fire Alarm Fine?

For those that feel that a fire inspection is unnecessary, consider the consequences. Financially, companies can end up responsible for a lot more than a fire alarm system if they are not taken care of properly. If persons in a building are not properly warned by fire alarms, this can lead to costly lawsuits and potential damages. Accidents like these can potentially ruin a company because of how burdening these expenses are. 

A more likely scenario is that a company is inspected by the OSHA and fined for not having proper inspection documents or working equipment. It is easy to lose paperwork or forget an inspection, and these mistakes can cost you. OSHA is run by the government and has the authority to inspect companies as frequently or infrequently as they want. Each time they inspect, your fire alarm systems must be up to date with inspections. This is a costly error that can be avoided through the use of an inspection software like InspectNTrack. InspectNTrack ensures that companies are safe from fines as well as potential emergency situations.

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