Why Use A Barcode Scanning App?

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Barcode scanning apps are crucial to the success of large corporations and organizations with the demand for efficiency in high volumes during asset inspection. InspectNTrack’s barcode scanning app is able to inspect and manage thousands of assets with ease due to its innovative system.

InspectNTrack gives each asset a unique barcode that stores all information associated with the asset’s status. This method of tracking assets with a barcode reduces human error and speeds up this process by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

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Barcode Scanning App Versatility

InspectNTrack’s barcode scanning app is an extremely versatile software that is compatible with multiple types of barcodes. If a company already has barcodes associated with their assets, it is likely they can work with the InspectNTrack barcode scanning app.

InspectNTrack works with barcodes using Code 39 and Code 128. In addition, barcoded serial numbers, existing oem, QR codes, and 2D codes will sync with the app. Life happens, and chances are that barcodes can become damaged or placed on a curved surface. InspectNTrack is unique in that these barcodes will still work with the barcode scanning app.

Users also have the option of using standard and long-range scanners, and can even be used in low light conditions if circumstances require it. The options that our barcode scanning app offers allow for companies to personalize their assets in a way that works best for them.

Asset Tracking And Time Saving

With assets constantly being moved around and rearranged, manually updating the locations of each asset as they move can be painstaking. Not to mention the risk of human errors. Having humans manually complete the process takes significantly more time and is nowhere near as accurate as a barcode scanning app.

Barcode apps like InspectNTrack increase the accuracy of inspections and ensure that the locations of assets are accurately reflected in the app. When scanned, the barcode automatically tells the system where the asset is located so that nothing gets lost or misplaced. The barcode for each asset acts as its identity, and when scanned will reveal the age of the asset, location, upcoming inspections, and other useful information.

With the efficiency of the barcode system, assets can be accurately tracked, saving you time and money on inspections.

inspection app image showing EHS mobile barscan of an eyewash station

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Save Money With Our Barcode Scanning App

The use of barcode scanning apps does more than just save time. By reducing human error and reducing time spent inputting information, it can actually end up saving a significant amount of money each year. By eliminating employee wages for unnecessary tasks and eliminating the need to pay for costly mistakes, wages payable decreases. This is typically a large expense for companies, so any decrease to this area is hugely beneficial.

In addition, InspectNTrack’s barcode scanning app interface is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. When there’s a discrepancy or other issue, the app makes it easy to navigate toward a solution. It’s hard to find a barcode inspection app that is as user friendly and customizable as InspectNTrack.

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