How TISCOR Led The Inspection Industry

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Before InspectNTrack, a company called TISCOR launched a computerized maintenance tracking system that was used to help with inspection activities. The program was called FacilityManager. 

FacilityManager was the first of its kind when it came to tracking and management activities, which ultimately allowed companies to go paperless. This groundbreaking technology over time has developed into InspectNTrack, which has become an industry leader like FacilityManager.

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TISCOR Paves The Way For Innovation

When TISCOR was first launched, it had the capability to track maintenance management activities. Since then, this technology has developed to include features such as customizable inspection questions, automated inspection scheduling, flexible barcode inputs, and many more. 

These features made it significantly easier for those who used the software every day. The first big feature added to FacilityManager was the ability to document compliance with NFPA 20 regulations. This made it easy for users to know that they would be safe from any potential audit, and would be in compliance with all of the NFPA regulations. FacilityManager also added flexible barcode inputs in order to allow multiple barcodes such as 1D, 2D, QR, and brand new or existing barcodes. This gave both new and existing users the ability to find a method of inspection that worked for them. 

TISCOR’s One-Of-A-Kind Features

TISCOR also created the ability for customizable inspection questions, answer inputs, and reports. TISCOR knew that every company performed inspections differently, and provided the tools to allow users to set up and use an inspection questionnaire that worked for their circumstances. 

TISCOR also allowed for fire pumps to be added manually via a file upload, or in the field from the mobile app. This was not previously possible and helped users who were trying to add fire pumps manually. Arguably one of the biggest additions made by TISCOR was the creation of routes, which keeps equipment organized and guides technicians through an optimal inspection path. This feature ensured that equipment was never missed, and that technicians were clear on where they were going so that no time was wasted.

One of the features that seemed simple in nature was the addition of automated inspection scheduling, but this has proven to significantly help out companies who are busy or have a tendency to forget about inspections. Automated inspection scheduling gives users the flexibility to be reminded as frequently or infrequently as desired, creating an inspection routine that works for them.

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Intuitive Mobile App

One of the final features that TISCOR has added to inspections was the creation of an intuitive mobile app that shows technicians where they are on a route, what is complete, and what still needs done. This mobile app gave users the flexibility to perform inspections on a mobile device as opposed to a scanner, and made it very clear what has and still needs to be done. The addition of these features has allowed InspectNTrack to become the industry leader in mobile inspections, providing users with the best possible service and abundance of useful features.

TISCOR And InspectNTrack

For any company that still uses FacilityManager as their software for inspections, upgrade to InspectNTrack. Both softwares were made by the same company and have the same level of quality and capability.

InspectNTrack is newer, and provides all of the same features as Facility Manager and More. Make the upgrade and switch to InspectNTrack today. 

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