Tips For Safe Fire Extinguisher Testing

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The NFPA is an organization responsible for recommending the safest way to handle and maintain fire safety equipment and practice fire extinguisher testing. In a recent article posted by the NFPA, it was pointed out how prevalent fire extinguishers are in today’s society. 

It’s likely that fire extinguishers are in the buildings you work and live in, and are there to keep you safe. However, like any other piece of safety equipment, they grow old and need to be worked on. Fire safety equipment is only effective when it is taken care of properly. Luckily, there are safe methods for practicing fire extinguisher testing. These methods increase the effectiveness of a fire extinguisher and how long it lasts.

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Want Effective Inspections? Follow These 4 Tips

The NFPA has recommendations for the proper way to complete fire extinguisher testing, inspection, and maintenance. Following these guidelines can significantly increase the effectiveness and lifespan of fire extinguishers, so let’s check out these 5 important aspects of fire extinguisher testing.

Tip One: Create An Inspection Process

The first tip for increasing the effectiveness of a fire extinguisher is creating an inspection process. A very rough inspection should include checks for correct location, access, and pressure. This is a minimal inspection, but ensures basic needs of the equipment. 

The fire extinguisher will be where it should be and accessible if needed. The NFPA recommends that the fire extinguishers are inspected at least once a month by any employee. There are No qualifications needed to perform inspections. When inspections are finished, it is important to keep a record of who is inspecting and when. This can clarify any safety and insurance concerns. This is rudimentary fire extinguisher testing, and there are many other steps that can be taken to increase the effectiveness of a fire extinguisher. But, if you take these simple steps, the fire extinguisher will be functional and ready for use.

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Tip Two: Maintenance Procedures

In addition to an inspection routine, the NFPA also recommends that maintenance procedures are established on all equipment needing repairs.  Maintenance can include all the aspects of the extinguishers, such as the physical condition, pressure, and extinguishing agent. Unlike inspections, maintenance can only be completed by qualified personnel. 

The maintenance performed on fire extinguishers ensures that the chemicals are at the correct balance and the physical parts of the extinguisher will work. A proper inspection routine paired with good maintenance practices can ensure that fire extinguishers are ready to be used if they are ever needed. This is a great way to practice fire extinguisher testing and keep your facility safe.

Tip Three: Invest In Barcode Software

InspectNTrack understands that the inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers is very important, but can also be time consuming and difficult. Issues such as these can be solved with a proper barcode inspection software. Inspecting fire extinguishers with a barcode-driven software eliminates most of the difficulty associated with the process. This is an optimal way to perform fire extinguisher testing.

For example, InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher barcode inspection software can remind users when inspections are due. This ensures that inspections are never missed and always done on time. InspectNTrack also offers hardware to pair with the software so you can breeze through fire extinguisher testing and other inspections.

Unfortunately, InspectNTrack’s inspection software cannot perform maintenance, so when this is required it can either be completed by a qualified employee, or sent to someone who is capable.

Tip Four: Track Assets

In the instance that an asset is moved in order to be inspected, you want the location of the asset tracked and updated. With InpsectNTrack’s software, the location of the asset will be tracked and updated on the software. This allows employees to be aware of where fire extinguishers are at all times, keeping track of what can sometimes become very complicated.

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At the end of the day, heeding to the advice provided by the NFPA will keep all those who enter your building or facility safe in case of emergency. InspectNTrack aims to make this as easy of a process as possible so that you can feel safe knowing your fire extinguisher testing was done right. 

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