Improving Fire Safety on College Campuses

Managing and monitoring fire safety on college campuses involves overseeing numerous elements. With a diverse population of thousands of students and faculty residing and working in different buildings, maintaining a high standard of fire and life safety remains a paramount concern throughout the academic year.

Among the various safety considerations, special attention should be given to fire safety, especially in densely populated dormitories and bustling classrooms, ensuring preparedness for emergencies.

Through software and training, there are many ways to increase fire safety and conduct regular inspections in an efficient and cost effective manner. This article dives into 4 ways to promote fire safety at educational institutions such as college campuses and universities.

  1. App Connections

With a large campus, clipboards and log sheets are often not enough to track fire safety measures. One of the more modern ways to complete fire safety inspections is through app-based technology. Campus safety leaders can effortlessly document requirements and protocols through a dedicated app, submit inspection data, and stay on top of the latest developments in fire safety equipment.

fire safety on college campuses with software

App technology notifies users when specific areas are due for inspection, allowing trackers to maintain up-to-date information and ensure that tasks are completed as required. The use of the app streamlines the entire operation, promoting efficiency in fire safety management. Furthermore, app compatibility extends to various devices such as smartphones and tablets, providing the flexibility to leverage technology seamlessly across the campus.

2. Routes

Apps technology also improves fire safety on college campuses by giving the opportunity to track fire inspections through routes. A route represents a campus and details each of the divisions, buildings, and zones. Equipment which needs to be inspected can be placed into the proper buildings and zones so that it is easy for student inspectors to find. Routes also easier to ensure that equipment is not missed and that no part of an inspection is overlooked by human error.

Consider this scenario: when managing a vast campus with just two safety inspectors, routes can clearly indicate which areas have already been covered. This functionality not only optimizes workers’ time by eliminating redundant tasks but also ensures comprehensive coverage, preventing any oversights in the inspection process. In essence, the implementation of routes becomes a valuable tool in enhancing the efficiency and thoroughness of fire safety inspections on college campuses.

3. Full Fire Equipment Coverage

One way to ensure proper fire safety on college campuses is to ensure all of the equipment on campus is covered. Through app technology, a college campus can use barcode stickers on all of the fire equipment. With individual barcodes, each piece of equipment is individually scanned and tracked through the years.

With the barcodes, a campus can have safety inspections for all types of fire equipment including extinguishers, fire doors, sprinklers, and hoses. Full coverage will ensure that none of the fire safety elements is ignored in case a real problem occurs. The barcode tracking can also indicate how long equipment has been in place and when maintenance is needed.

An app helps ensure that proper inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) protocols are met.

4. Deficiency Reports

Along with safety inspections, proper tracking of fire equipment also includes deficiency reports. When campus employees use inspection apps to track fire safety equipment, they also have the option to report deficiencies. For example, a fire extinguisher could have visible damage or go missing.

The deficiency reports will help campuses properly replace equipment and ensure fire safety remains at the highest levels. Deficiency reports can also help keep track of trends and indicate if problems are recurring. From there, a campus safety team can decide if they need to improve fire safety procedures and locations of equipment.

For more information on fire safety on college campuses with fire inspection apps, contact us at InspectNTrack. Whether your college campus is a large university or small campus, we’re here to assist in establishing a comprehensive inspection system tailored to your specific fire and life safety inspection needs. Beyond addressing fire safety, our expertise extends to supporting various inspection requirements for college campuses, encompassing lab inspections and environmental health and safety assessments.

Let us guide you in implementing a thorough inspection framework to ensure the safety and compliance of your campus, regardless of its size.

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