Zebra TC22 Touch Mobile Computer


This product listing includes the mobile computer only. Charging cable is required and must be purchased separately.
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Zebra TC22 Touch Mobile Computer Description

The TC22 mobile computer is the new generation in the TC2x family that delivers the best of all worlds — smartphone styling and pricing, with big business features that boost productivity and customer service quality. TC22 offers a large 6” display, 5G, Wi-Fi 6/6E, and two integrated scanner options. Unlike smartphones, the TC22 is built to last and has six years of support that can help you keep your devices up and running at peak performance.

  • TC22/TC27 boasts 6”, 32% larger display, 10% thinner, tougher IP68 compared to TC21/TC26
  • Offers a choice of standard SE4710 or advanced range SE55 scan engines
  • Ensures future proofing with Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, CBRS (US band only), Qualcomm 5430 2.1 GHz Multi-Core Processor
  • RFID capability (eConnex +RFD40 or RFD90)

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